Every Hollywood Icon Name-Checked In ‘Vogue’ Is Dead

As first reported by Slate, all of the 16 Hollywood icons named Madonna’s “Vogue,” have now died after the passing of the great Lauren Bacall on Tuesday. Looks like the song that shaped my teenage years just got a little more sentimental.

“Ladies with an attitude, fellows that were in the mood…”


Re-Telling The Story Of Two Talented & Tortured Souls

Above: 'Burning Down the House’, a portrait by David LaChapelle of Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow

Above: ‘Burning Down the House’, a portrait by David LaChapelle of Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow

I’ve long been obsessed with the story of the late Alexander McQueen and his ‘muse’ Isabella Blow. Two of the most talented and tortured souls. I read countless articles, biographies and written extensively over the years about their complicated relationship.

In a Vanity Fair adaptation from her upcoming book, Champagne Supernovas, Maureen Callahan reveals the fascinating (albeit condensed) story how the two British talents lost the battle of their lives. Take a few minutes to read.

My Kitchen Is (Kinda) Famous

Want to see what my kitchen looks like? Well… now’s your chance. Chef, TV host and cookbook author Trish Magwood whips up ‘Sweet Potato Chickpea Risotto’ at my place. You can watch the Dairy Farmers of Canada video below:

Need a little more? These was one more video filmed that fateful day. Here’s Trish with the recipe to ‘Shrimp & Cauliflower Curry’


Trapped At My Desk

Another day, another viral video. Of course, there are already rumours that it’s fake… but, I keep coming back to this 4-minute video and thinking about its haunting message to: “Be good to each other.” Please take a few minutes to watch.


Yesterday I moved from one home and into a new home. After months of stress and looking and selling and buying… it’s all done.
This morning I woke up happy and realized, I am home.
It was a nice feeling.
Goodbye 1250. Hello 77.